June 14, 2009

sunday splashings

The sun glinted in through my windows this morning... bright and full of life. And I remembered... today is Flag Day. It was a pleasure to hang out our American Flag today... young hands helping mine, making sure she never touched the ground. We added a few other touches of red, white and blue before we left for church... colors of summer.

My ride home from church was actually pretty calm. Notice I rode, not drove. Laura is improving. It'll just take practice. Lots of practice. I think that means I will be chauffeured around town for quite a while.

Our favorite law officer delivered us lunch... we indulged just a bit more than our diet allowed, but tomorrow is another day... and I enjoyed having a partner in crime as we shared just one more slice.

An afternoon full of laundry and reading... and an occasional nodding off, I suppose. It hasn't been the most productive weekend... but another one will come.

The second week of band camp begins tomorrow. Camden has much to practice, and the the delight in his eyes when I told him that yes, he could use the pot lids as crash cymbals has made my day complete!


Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh so funny. You are one brave Mama...the driving and the cymbals.
It really sounds like a productive weekend to me...what else could one ask for? You have it all.

Grandma J said...

Flag day, a day that gives us another opportunity to give thanks.

Kat said...

Yesterday was Flag Day? We totally missed that, BUT we did hang up a brand new American Flag yesterday as our old one was in tatters. How appropriate we just happened to change it out yesterday! I'll have to let my family know that ;)

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