June 28, 2009

worth the wait

Hi Cam.
Hi Mom!

My heart took a deep breath... upon hearing his little voice across the miles, after not hearing it for a week. All morning I watched the clock, and as the sun stretched up towards 9am, I toted two phones around the house, not knowing which would ring.

I love this camp he has been at. I love that Cam loves it, and that Laura loved it. The week flew by so quickly for me... but more so for him, I am sure. A week full of swimming and archery, new friends and lucky six-rolling hair. A week of funny kids, and being their calm when they were searching for it. A week of being that go-to guy. His counselor relayed that he was more than a star camper... that they just don't come better than Cam. It is nothing this Mama doesn't already know... but to hear it from an unbiased source, well, it means the world.

And so they are off... my children and their Grandparents. Off to discover new places, and settle in the comfort of others revisited. In three weeks I'll put my arms around them again. So... will I miss them? I feel like to miss them would mean I would wish them home... and to wish them home would mean them missing extraordinary opportunities that I cannot give them. So, I will think about them and I will revel in their stories when they call... and I'll know it was worth the wait when they traipse up the walkway with their arms open wide, smiles across their sun-kissed faces, weary from adventure.


K said...

It's hard to let them go, but it sounds like they are really enjoying it.

Grandma J said...

A true right of passage! Summer memories in the making!

Busy Bee Suz said...

You will all enjoy the time apart...it makes the reunion just that much sweeter.
I am minus one again this week...we are taking turns it seems.

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