July 10, 2010


The house is full. Tonight when I close my eyes, I will fall asleep knowing... that everyone is right where they are supposed to be. Adventure Boy is home, all in one piece... all tanned up and perhaps an inch taller. From growing? Or from just being on his own, knowing he's got it all together? Maybe both.
My Mom said that my blog has been emotional the past few weeks, and two people I love think it is my mission to make the tears roll. Maybe. But the fact is, my heart is full to overflowing. I think of my kids and all that sumer has already brought them... and I get teary. My mind can't help but race to what summer has left in store for us... and the tears can't seem to keep their hold. I reflect on the love that comes my way, again and again... and those tears never had a chance, eyes too full to keep them back.
Life, heart... home.
I couldn't ask for more.


Busy Bee Suz said...

I am OH SO HAPPY your home is full.
And the reason my eyes fill up when reading your thoughts? Because you put into writing my thoughts perfectly...this is how I feel about my children as well, but can NEVER for the life of me put it into writing.
you are amazing.
you are inspiring.
Love to you and your full house.

Anonymous said...

I love your overflowing-- it fills my hear too, when I am feeling empty, and it is good. :)

Richella Parham said...

Oh, my goodness, Dawn. Another precious post. I love the fact that your heart is so full that it overflows--overflows enough to have so much to share with us!

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

praise God for overflowing!

imoomie said...

We may need to start a club :)

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