July 07, 2010

a visit

This weekend, while we were so far from home, we decided to push ourselves a little more and take a peek into the future. It seemed silly not to, being only an hour and a half away... and the visit would need to be made at some point. Might as well go the hour and a half today rather than make the whole five hour drive on a separate occasion. And so we found ourselves on the campus of Santa Fe College... at the teaching zoo. We sat in the car as the rain poured down and my insides squirmed at the thought of how quickly two years will fly by. But excitement, and the crowing of peacocks, pushed the uneasiness aside with the rain.
Our zoo guide, armed with her book of facts, led us through their little zoo and gave us just the appropriate time to ooo and ahhh over the animals. We asked her questions about the zoo program and she happily answered and shared how much she was enjoying it and how afraid she was to enter Section "D"... reptiles, snakes and alligators.
I have a feeling we'll visit again, maybe officially.  If Laura wasn't already in love with the prospect of zoo college, which she kind of is, the ocelots just may have clinched it.
Driving away, the sky opened up again... and we were thankful for the dry hour and the peek into what might be.


Loui♥ said...

I just LOVE reading your posts..
always straight from the heart..
filled with so much to think about..
and always..just a little bit more!
thanks from the bottom of my heart!
warm sandy hugs..

Pam said...

What a great day! Zoo school sounds fascinating!

Kelli said...

I love all of God's creation! It shouts of His glory. Fascinating career choice!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, I am so delighted you made the visit. So, she loved it????
This gives me butterflies too.

Richella Parham said...

Oh, golly. Campus visits. Yes, the next two years will fly by. Too fast. Savor, savor, savor!

Sharon @ Hiking Toward Home said...

How awesome is that?! Once she sees animals roaming on safari... hmmm... wonder how her heart will tug her then? ;-D

imoomie said...

Beautiful photo! Zoo school would be fasinating.

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