July 30, 2010

then. now. still.

A few weeks ago I shared one of my favorite books. After I wrote, I lingered in the pages of happiness. Items I starred or marked with a smile... little notes jotted as a way to remember. As I leafed through, I saw... that the girl who wrote in this book then has grown up. Twenty years, and all that comes with those years, will do that for a girl. There are things that made me happy then, that make me laugh and think you didn't know anything.
Making a tape of favorite songs. Silly putty. Hope chests. Spinning pennies. Shooting a whole roll of film in one day. Collages. Glass slippers.
And there are entries I skipped over that must not have meant a thing to that oh-so-young heart.
Thumbprint art. Proudly wearing a wedding band. Saying grace. Kids' imaginations. The head-for-the-beach-anyway plan. Camden soup. Teaching by example.
And still. Oh, there is a lot of that girl still in me. That makes me smile and know... that I am still a dreamer.
Beach scenes. Accepting a compliment. Handwriting. Someone who looks right at your eyes and smiles a huge sweet smile. Rainbows. Those moments that go beyond words...


Kat said...

So nice to find your words even when you're gone :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

a treasure for sure!!!

Dayle ~ A Collection of Days said...

Some things never change. That's a comfort.

Come join me for Simple Pleasures on Thursday, if you have time or inclination.

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