July 15, 2010

time to breathe

Rushing around, adding to the piles, checking the lists... I can feel the breath slipping away from me and the craziness settling in. With the afternoon storms predicted early, I mentioned to Eric that I'd love a trip to the beach... just for the sunset. And this good man, who doesn't love the beach, and perhaps saw the desperation in my eyes, made it happen.
Walking up over the boardwalk I caught the scent of the salty air, and felt the cool breeze that doesn't seem to exist here from June through October. The sparkling blue sea came into view and together with the breeze, coached my breathing along with the waves. But I know who spun the breeze and I know who controls the tide.   Sand between my toes, sea foam splashing up around my ankles... and the breath of God all around me. Such a combination draws the craziness from me, and casts it where it belongs... away.

Cam played at the shore with me while the other half of us stretched out in the sand with their books. Seeing them up there, seemingly content, the compromise is right before my eyes, and I am thankful for the way he indulges me.   The way he knows what I need, and finds it in himself to provide it. 

Forty minutes... just beyond lot three... and it seems... I can breathe again.



Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so glad that you know when you need a break...and he always gives it to you.
hugs, Suz

Anonymous said...

It is good to breathe-- good to have someone there seeing that need and making it happen.

Kelli said...

I have had so many worries and frustrations today and when I read this post, I breathed!! Thank you for reminding us to be still and know who God is! What a sweet husband!

Pam said...

We all need to breathe. So beautiful!

Corinne Cunningham said...

That looks like a perfect evening... that last picture is just gorgeous :)

tracie @ tsj photography said...

seriously ... i just sighed the biggest breath! love your writing dawn ... it helps me breathe!

michelle said...

beautiful words and post. I think I am breathing easier after just reading it :)

imoomie said...

Oh to be able to run to the beach, I feel calmer just thinking about it!

God bless you as you pack!

Cassie said...

loved the photos and of course your eloquent words. blessings,c

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