February 19, 2011

early in the morning

I realize it will be... just moments before it happens. 

I have been following the moon for miles... from beautiful, bright and glowing to a mere translucent whisper in the sky.  But the world is warming with the soft glow of sunshine with the softest rainbow-shadow hovering on the horizon.  She has not yet shown her face, but the promise is there. 

I turn the corner and notice the reflection in the mirror...  the moon is now following me, and I let out a laugh.  I continue on my way, and suddenly, the sun is risen.  Her golden light chasing through the trees, gilding the morning.  This is a gift.  To see both moon and sun in one glance.  The night behind me, the day before me.  Beauty in both.  In the same moment I wish for my camera, and know that this is not something to be captured... I simply need to etch it on my heart.  So I keep on driving... wondering if the cars around me see what I see, or if they are trying to block the sun from their sight.  I only allow a moment of grief for them... and though I drive on, I lift my face, just a bit, to the sun. 

For seven miles... I thank Him for this gift.  Beauty behind me, and the brightest future ahead.  He tells me it is His promise.  The brightest future is ours... eternally.


Heathahlee said...

I love the way you write, Dawn! So beautiful!

Michelle DeRusha said...

Beautiful Dawn -- such gratefulness. I don't want to know how many times I've shielded my eyes from the sun, annoyed by its blaring beauty. You put it back into perspective for me!

Bee said...

What a lovely, lovely post.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Beautiful. Perfect.
Thank you for this moment!

travelmom said...

Just beautiful. I felt I saw it too. Thank you for the word pictures that reminded me that the sun is there too.

jenn said...


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