February 15, 2011

{virtual coffee} 10

I'm just sitting down in the living room and the afternoon sun is flittering its way across the floor.  My second favorite time of day... the first being the morning when the sun flitters in from the other direction!  Anyway, I have an hour before Eric walks in the door, and while that might be enough time for virtual coffee, I know that we couldn't have real coffee in any less than two hours!  In 2011 I have become quite fond of two hour lunches with friends.  I'm not sure I mentioned that I met Dawn from the Goodlife over New Years.  My husband thought I was crazy, but he just sighed and gave in... because even he knows that when someone is in Florida all the way from Colorado you have to seize the moment!!  And he might admit that he had as good a time as I did with Dawn & her husband!  And my other two hour lunch?  This past Friday with two local friends... 
There was cheesecake and good news... prayers are chipping away at ugly numbers and my friend's tumor markers are slipping down, down, down.  Oh the power of prayer!!!  Thank you... for adding yours to mine and thousands of others. 

I needed that nice lunch last Friday... it kept me from thinking too much about the awful message Blogger sent me!  I guess i have reached my photo storage limit.  EEK! I didn't know that Blogger stores your blog photos in an online picasa album.  I didn't know that I was even near 100% of my storage.  And I sure as heck didn't know what to do next!  But after some research and tyring to figure out if I should move my blog(and how?!), Erin's advice seemed the easiest.  Just buy some more storage.  So I might... but for now I am trying to use photobucket... even though I know I will eventually run out of storage there, too! 

So if you were really sitting here in the sunlight with me, I would probably show you this picture...
Our church.  It is coming right along and it is hard to believe that in September it was just a pile of dirt.  The church part is actually small... it is the learning center that is so big and amazing!!  I just know that this building will be a blessing to so many... from the little babies that will stretch out in the cribs, to the people that will worship and sing praises to the King! 
I've been hearing about all kinds of warm-ish temperatures up north (relative, I know!)... so I hope you won't mind me telling you I dipped my toes in the gulf on Sunday.  My whole family gathered for a beautiful brunch just before my parents headed off on their latest adventure- Costa Rica.  The sand and surf was just calling to me from the window and I couldn't leave without at least walking in the sand.  If I hadn't been in my church clothes I might have plopped myself right on down!  The sad part of the walk on the beach?
Yes... this is a single family home.  It actually makes my stomach turn.  I can't look at it without thinking about how many people could be helped with that kind of money.  In my wildest dreams, I would love a little bungalow on the beach and be able to step out into the sand at any moment.  And a little luxury is nice!!  But this?  It is too much... 

Well the clock is ticking and I can hear rumbling stomachs from the other room. 
I guess I need to figure out dinner... we had tacos last night or I would be making this!!! 

Visit Amy at Lucky Number Thirteen for coffee!  There is always a smile there! 


Sharon @ Hiking Toward Home said...

just curious... what is the limit for bloggers storage?

Corinne Cunningham said...

If photobucket doesn't work out, Flickr is another option :)
So happy for you and those lunches... and the chipping at numbers - yay!
And I'm with you... tiny bungalow on the beach, not too much excess.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to see that and not think of all the people who could be helped with that kind of money. I struggle with it too. Lately, I've been comforting myself with the fact that even if it doesn't help in the way I think it should - it is keeping people employed. In the planning, building, financing, heating, cooling, and care (you know they aren't maintaining that all themselves!) Just a little positive for you :)

jenn said...

oh those desserts!! yummy! the church looks fabulous and the beach--oh you lucky duck! that house if NUTS!!!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so darn happy that all the prayers are working....wonderful news!
Your church is coming along nicely...think of all the memories that will be made there!
Dessert??? Oh, that is so you; sweet.

Really, those people need a house that big to fit in the full time help. Oy.

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

Hi Dawn,
I too got the dreaded blogger message, but I just bought more storage. The best part it was only $5. And got me through to the next year no problem. Many other hosts have monthly costs, so I figured it wasn't much. You know, when I start looking at others wealth I often wonder what someone from a third world country would say about how I live, and it makes me realize I could do more. We also don't know what kind of good these people do, they might give millions.... Let's hope so : )

Tina said...

I miss my sister. xoxox

Kat said...

I don't know if you realize this or not, but your last two posts have had pictures of yummy looking desserts. Makes me hungry ;)

Jo said...

I'm with Kat. It's only 6:45 a.m, and I'm totally wanting to reach through the pictures and take a bite of cheesecake for breakfast. :-)

I'm also a teensy bit jealous of those ocean dipping toes. Okay, a lot jealous.

Love you, girl!

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