June 10, 2011


As excited as I am to move towards this next school year, the milestone of the last day of school has me pedalling backwards.  Back to the first day of school, back to when they were little and school was a place I was looking forward to sending them to.  Oh a million years have passed since then... and each has been a learning experience.  In the moment, and in hindsight.  The lessons learned are not just for the students... this Mama has learned her own fair share.  Most importantly... how to let them make their own mistakes, so that their successes really belong to them, and... sigh... how to let go.  Looking back and recalling the struggles and the overcoming and the successes helps me to step out again in faith.  Thankfulness abounds... because here we go again. This next level of letting go is going to be a doozy.


Adrian W. said...

Letting go and letting your children grow is hard, but if you let them, they'll thank you for it later.

Great writing! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

When he gave me away at my wedding, my dad read a poem he had written for me called "Never Losing, Always Letting Go." And it's true; I see it now as a parent. We let go, but that isn't a loss really unless we let it be that way. Because as we let go of their babyhood or their childhood or whatever, we discover the beautiful people they are becoming and we gain so much. But that doesn't make the letting go any easier on the mama's heart. <3

Busy Bee Suz said...

"how to let them make their own mistakes, so that their successes really belong to them" QUOTE OF THE YEAR!!!! You are so insightful my friend. Love the photos...and next year will bring even more gifts. xoxoxo

Craig said...

Dawn, this has to be one of the tougher things a mom has to do – all these transitions – from baby to child, from child to tween, from tween to teen, from teen to adult. And each one has a little bit of letting go. The closest thing I have in my experience to it is giving away my sister at her wedding. When my mom died she became – well – more than just a sister – but kind of like a daughter too. It was mine to protect her until she married – then I understood that it was her husband's job. Letting go, letting them make their own mistakes, letting them learn, that's hard – I get it – I get it. I hearted this. Thank you and God bless you and all of yours.

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