June 14, 2011

{virtual coffee} 17

Today it doesn't matter what is in my cup.
I am gulping it down, urging the sweet and the heat to wake me, to pull the weight from my eyelids. 
Where did this weary come from?

I'm sure that I could carve out time to meet for coffee today... summer is here {hooray!} and the schedule is more flexible.  There is not so much rushrushrush in the morning.  And the afternoons are whatever we make them.  The sun stretches out into evening and the longer it dances in the trees, the wider my smile becomes.  Oh, I love that speckled light! 

So if we were really meeting for coffee, I might spill my driving woes on you... well, not my driving- my daughter's.  She is perhaps the only teenager who despises driving!  But she took driver's ed two summers ago, and she passed the driving test- but still no desire to actually go and get her license!  But we have decided, it is time.  We have three weeks to review in crash-course (eek!) style, so it has been the goal for her to drive everyday.  She is actually doing well, and I think she has no reason to actually despise it.  So why now?  I keep thinking how wonderful it will be if, come fall, she can be the one to drive she & her brother the mile and a half to and from school and band practice.  

And why the three weeks?
This is feeling like the one stress of my summer- that the time with my kiddos will be too short!
Camden (and Eric) leave for Boy Scout camp on June 25th.  Laura will leave the following Friday, with Eric's parents, to pick up Camden and head out for their summer adventure with Gran & Grandad.  I'm pretty certain they will be gone at least a full month, and when they return, there will be one week of summer before band camp begins.   I have to keep reminding myself that Eric & I are flying out {for one week} to join the adventure in mid-July...

So in the mean time, we will squeeze out as much summer fun as we can stand, working it in around my work, Eric's work and Laura's work/volunteering at the equestrian challenge center. 


Anonymous said...

Oh the busy. It makes me feel like the "lazy days of summer" must be something from a fairy tale. Good luck with Laura's driving. I'm kind of glad I'm a few years from that still. :)

Claire said...

hope you can get to just enjoy the time when you're all together...
and, i know it doesn't help, but i had no desire to drive until i was mid-20s, so your daughter's not the only one :)

Cat said...

Hope that coffee kicks in and gives you the jump start you need today {hate days like that!}.

It must be a nail-bitter to see your child behind the wheel ... hubs and I don't have any kiddos but I can imagine that it is a bit stressful!

Enjoy the long, sun-filled summer days!

♥ Cat brideblu

Busy Bee Suz said...

Once she feels more comfortable behind the wheel, you won't be able to keep her home. :)
So, this will be a Dawn and Eric empty nest summer?? I am sure you will find a way to have fun.

Amy @ Lucky Number 13 said...

i didn't hav ea whole lot of interest in driving at first either and was actually pretty horrible in driver's ed, no one wanted to be my partner! wow, you guys have a lot going on this summer but it sounds like you will have a lot of quiet time, too! hooray for summer vacation!

Southern Gal said...

Have fun with it all!

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