June 27, 2011

more than just walls

It has been many weeks since our little groups of teens sat and discussed the Creation story, but the dicussion is still fresh in my mind.  Each of us in turn shared something that struck them about the verses.  Most mentioned the fact that God created it all... but Cam took it a step further and what spoke to his heart the most was that once God created it all, He thought it was good.  It was one of those moments when a parent's heart feels full and deep down think they get it
: :
This Sunday we blessed our new church building. 
Giant key, ribbon cutting, special guests... the whole big deal.  And it was good
Though it was the second Sunday of worship in the new building, this was the Sunday that filled me.  Last Sunday seemed full of logistics and we-could-do-this-betters and oh-we-still-really-need-to-haves... and it left me cold.  But I chalked it up to it being trial run, a dress rehearsal.  
This Sunday was all that last Sunday was not.  Beautiful, Spirit-filled, joyful... warm.  A celebration.  A celebration of hard work, prayer, family and most of all,  Jesus.  As we sang Better is one day in your courts than thousands elsewhere; Your spirit is water to my soul, I felt the words and the life of the song all the way through my soul.  And that water, the living water?  It leaked right out my eyes and rolled down my face. 
: :
Cam is already at Boy Scout camp, and so he missed out on the church blessing... but it was him I thought of when two representatives from our church synod stood by the altar, looked out at our church body and said It is good.  Very good. 


tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

what a beautiful picture you paint dawn! how happy our God must be looking down and thinking "it. is. good."

i love what cam said ... it warms my heart as well! there's hope {and much more} for this generation of God's children!!

Kat said...

It IS good. And you are so sweet.

(excited that we will be in our new church building July 17th)

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