May 10, 2009

hand in hand

As little girls, we want to be like our Moms... and then as teens, we'd like to be not like our Moms... and then the times comes when we are the Mom- and we realize that she is the one who modeled and molded and prepared us for this most important job. Like it or not. I am thankful for this in so many ways...

My Mom has lead me to a place where I can be the Mom God wants me to be... or at least on my way to getting there. And my Mom is the one who loved me each and every day... and filled me with enough love to be able to pass it on. She has always been my example... my inspiration... the one I turn to in love.

This spring has brought us to another place in our relationship... one of seeking and finding Jesus. Yes, He was always right in front of us... but sometimes we need to wipe away the fog from our eyes... and see Him fresh and new. I have been amazed at the journey... where our paths have winded in and out and around... meeting up one day and traveling off in separate directions another. But I know that we will meet up in the end, once again... hand in hand in front of our Father.

This journey had meant the world to me... sharing one more aspect of my life with my Mom. We have been through a lot... my Mom and me. Maybe not the typical mother & daughter stuff... but the emotional journeys of our own lives... each of us taking a turn at holding the other's head above water... working in sync with each other- our own dance. But nothing has been like this spring... the joy and the tears and the clarity.

I love you, Mom... I love who you are... who you have been... and who you will be. And I love who we are together. Happy Mother's Day.


Grandma J said...

What a beautiful post. Happy Mothers day

M said...

What a wonderful post. I hope I have been the mom to my kids tht my mom was not to me....soemtimes we are taught in mysterious ways.

Have a great MOTHER'S DAY!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Very nice...a nice sentiment to share with your mom and the rest of us too.
Hugs, Suz

Life with Kaishon said...

Happy Mothers Day to one of the sweetest mothers I know in blog land!

Jen said...

Sounds all good to me!!!
You are a lucky daughter and mom.

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