May 14, 2009

here comes the rain

It has been a long delightful winter... cool days, crisp breezes and beautiful sunshine. But as winter fades it becomes more and more obvious that our part of the world is so dry... and the land is desperately in need of hydration. With each passing day we notice the ground becoming more brittle and the water levels shrinking. We have enjoyed the fair weather... but are waiting for the rain.

Yesterday it came with a vengeance. One minute all was quiet and the next there was a pounding on the roof... and it sounded... glorious. For a time, the skies opened up and offered refreshment to our parched patch of earth. Almost as quickly as the rain came... it was gone. But it returned today, in much the same way. And it will come again tomorrow. And before we know it... the grass will be green again and the world around us will once again be brimming with life.


Shelley said...

Loved your photo - but minus that scary croc in the background - hope he didn't get that bird! HOpe you have a sun filled weekend!!

Grandma J said...

Sometimes Mother Nature dilly dallys, but eventually she comes through with flying colors.

Busy Bee Suz said...

We certainly needed it....but why must it get so violent at times? I thought we were having a mini-hurricane!!!!
Great picture. Do you think the bird knows the gator is behind him???

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