December 20, 2009

thirty-eight things

1. It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to. Okay... I've only cried once today, but I've probably cried 38 times this week. With joy, for blessings, in awe of God's goodness, in frustration (over that darn PowerPoint!), and just because I am me.
2. There is no way I am waiting until 9:15am to celebrate my birthday. For a girl who is awake before 5am, that is a long wait. I think the celebrating should start at midnight, and not cease until I am fully good and ready.
3. I was so thankful when a card showed up at the foot of the bed this morning. That means someone got my point about the whole 9:15 thing. And his card made me cry. I think it was supposed to be a funny card, but please refer to #1.
4. You know your friend loves you when she lets you use her birthday wine glass at her Christmas party. But you know she adores you when she gets you your very own.
5. That darn PowerPoint is done. And it is beautiful, if I do say so myself. Today I will sit back and enjoy it... while I sit next to my Mom.
6. This past year has been so good to me. Beyond measure.
7. I picked out my own birthday cake yesterday. It was 50% off at Target. I don't even care that it might be stale.
8. I do not have to do any dishes today. Really. It is a tradition I am keeping from my childhood.
9. Just this year, I am realizing how a December birthday can take the stress out of Christmas planning.
10. I love that she called me the lady with the smiling eyes.
11. And those wrinkly lines around my smiling eyes? I kind of love them. They are proof that I live my life with a smile on my face.
12. I sure could have done without the new shiny pimple on my face this morning. That is something that I wish someone had told me. That pimples and wrinkles are not exclusive of each other.
13. I am wearing closed toe shoes today because I did not have time to freshen up the french pedicure that I gave myself last week.
14. I really don't care to have the attention directly on me... and I am really hoping no one announces that I made the PowerPoint. Or sings to me at church.
15. Birthday lunch= Mexican food. And I don't care if they sing there... but I am hoping there is no sombrero involved.
16. Those deer that I love? I fully expected them to be standing on the hill for me this morning. They weren't.
17. Maybe God needed me to realize that I don't need those deer to be a sign of a good day. Okay. Point taken.
18. Those deer that I love? They must have wandered down about a mile or so... and between the lesson and the their presence, it was a double gift.
19. I am pretty certain that God sprinkled the day with a chill in the air... just for me, because it is my favorite weather.
20. This was my best year yet. Said it last year... plan to say it again next year.
21. Thank you for all of the pre-birthday wishes.
22. How am I this fortunate?
23. This list was interrupted by the most beautiful day. Ever. I have celebrated and now I think I really might make it to 38 things...
24. It is a good thing I put #1 up there. By now I have cried at least 38 times. All tears of joy.
25. Church was so much more than I could have imagined.
26. If you want to fall in love all over again, have your husband sing a solo in church on your birthday.
28. There are people in this world who will take the time to tell you what a good job you are doing with your kids... and all you can do is say thank you and bask in the glow.
29. My Forever Friend came to church this morning... with her daughter & mother... and it meant the world to me.
30. Happy tears are good.
31. So was the $7.50 cake from Target. Really good.
32. Sometimes you just have to laugh... even when someone steals one of your cookie dough flautas right off your plate, and then licks all the sugar off.
33. There is nothing like sitting around the table with your family surrounding you. It makes the gifts piled up on the table seem not as important.
34. Golden friendship=sisters of the heart
35. Custom handmade gifts sure are precious. From paper cranes to ceramic tiles. Oh, her heart is beautiful.
36. Did I mention I wore my tiara to lunch?
37. Laughter, happy tears and love... an incredible combination.
38. Who knew that 38 would be so wonderful? It is only 6:12 and I think I am fully good and ready...


Sharone said...

I'm not sure whether I already said this, so I'll say it again just in case...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! It sounds like you're having an incredible day :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I LOVE this list. I LOVE that you cry so easily too. I LOVE that you adore your husband, your kids and your friends and family.
Stealing of cookies? That is not good, but I have an idea of the culprit.

I am so happy you had a great birthday...I am happy I waited to call you after all the fun so I could hear it all from you!!!
Happy Day. Happy Year to come!!

julie said...

happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you! happy birthday dear dawn! happy birthday to you! wahoo! so glad you had a great day! xo

togetherforgood said...

This is one of the most joyful birthday posts I have ever read. I loved reading all thirty-eight points. Awesome awesome!

Kelli said...

Sounds like your birthday was FULL of love and laughter!! Happy Birthday!!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

I like your list-and I LOVE the tiara!!!

Kimberley said...

I loved reading about your special day! I love that you wore a tiara to lunch. It looked good on you. You should consider wearing one more often.
I hope today is as wonderful as yesterday!
love you!

Kay said...

Love your list! Sounds like you had a wonderful time... love the tiara. Love that you have such great friends...those are priceless my dear! : ) Happy Birthday, girl!

dawn said...

Happy Birthday my bloggie friend! Your list oozes with joy and i could feel it with you. Big smile!

Grandma J said...

I wore a tiara on my birthday too...and maybe I cried. I'm glad Suz honored you at her party.

Cassie said...

Happy, happy (belated) Birthday!! Glad that you were born so mannnny years ago! (haha) Many happy returns of the day. X-C

ps-Not sure why my feedjit live feed is coming up CoosBay,Oregon---we're still here in Farrr N.Idaho!!

Jen said...

Happy Happy belated birthday.!!!
OXOX Jen :)

Tina said...

#32... she does that a lot! I love your birthday list and the tears I am sharing with you... and I love you. xoxox

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