February 21, 2010


Sometimes I feel as if there has been a slow shift in the universe. When life is the same, but different... slipping quietly into a new normal, with barely a thought or notice. One day everything just seems... different. A slight change in a level of kindness. Something more, or less, in a friendship. A change in attitude. A new level of aloneness. For no reason at all. And sometimes I long to flip back just a few pages of this life... and return to the way it was. To recapture those tattered memories and remember to hold them just a bit closer. But the road leads us on ahead... and all I can tuck into my pockets are memories and lessons...

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.



Busy Bee Suz said...

I really get this. But for the life of me I would never be able to put it into words like you have.

One more reason to love you.

ps. your signature is PERFECT.

jenn said...

I so relate, understand, feel every word in this post!

Corinne Cunningham said...

That quote really says it all.
Love the new design!!

Anonymous said...

I understand.... I have felt this same way so many times~
xo Susie~

Cassie said...

You MUST be another (much younger, nicer and less messed up)version of me for sure!! I mean, I'm not trying to offend you,but if I could "remember my words" I would have writen this post.

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