February 07, 2010

it all comes down to dessert...

In just a few hours... there will be some guys running around on a football field making millions... and trying their darndest to make their most treasured dream a reality.

Someone will win... and someone will lose.
But does it really matter? Not to me.
Not as long as there is dessert!
But since the TV will be blaring, and the rest of them will be watching...
I may as well root for someone...
And New Orleans is one of my favorite places on earth!


Loui♥ said...

so beautiful..
tastefully done..
excellent presentation..
ediblely ..
May I please have mine NOW?
Geaux Saints!

ballast photography said...

I'm with you, Dawn--I could really care less about the actual game...(I am, after all, blogging during the 1st...er, make that 2nd quarter) my fun today was making chili and chocolate chip cookies :)

Your cupcakes are so pretty!

Stop on by for a visit when you get some time :)

Corinne Cunningham said...

Those look so yummy!

dawn said...

did you make those cute cupcakes?

We are rooting for the Saints here too. Not for any particular reason...but you know, can't beat em, join em!

Busy Bee Suz said...

So cute. Just a subtle hint as to who you are rooting for!!!

Kelli said...

Those look heavenly!! I look forward to the food, not the game-lol!

Anonymous said...

Those look so good! The best part of the super bowl is the food.

Jen said...

You won!
I bet those cupcakes were a hit too! yummy!

imoomie said...

Did you make those??? They are gorgeous!

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