September 07, 2010

in the sharing

I lost track of time while we were in Africa this summer. The days went by with joy and so much excitement... and without me putting a name to them.  Monday?  Wednesday?  I didn't know, and it was nice not needing  to know.  Just over halfway though the trip, someone spoke the day outloud, and my mind immediately set to counting.  With a smile, I realized that there was so much time remaining!  After a few more days though... I could feel the days slipping away.  It was so hard to leave... to leave the beauty, to leave the experience... and have it all behind me.  Done, after so many months of anticipation.  Coming home was bittersweet.  But then there were the pictures and the stories and friends who genuinely wanted to know all about it.  And in the sharing... the journey has continued.  Africa is still alive in my heart, and the stories are still vivid... and thankfulness abounds.  I love that sharing has so much power. 
So thank you... for allowing me to share, for encouraging me to continue.  It is a gift to my heart and soul.
Celebrating YOU on this Tuesday...
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Busy Bee Suz said...

And YOU are an amazing sharer. :)

Jen said...

All amazing!
Sounds like a trip that you would remember forever even without all the pictures.
The photos by Cam and Laura are great!!! Love the zebra and hippo shots! but the loving eyes of the child will be with me for awhile.

Richella Parham said...

I think that if you wanted to share what you had for breakfast this morning, I'd want to hear it. Because the way you share is special. The things you appreciate, the way you appreciate them, what touches your heart--it's all a glimpse inside you, so it's wonderful to receive.

Tammy@Fear Not said...

Africa would be such a surreal place to visit and one I'll have to be content to live through you. Thanks for sharing!

dawn said...

I'm loving the sharing, Dawn. I am living vicariously through you, as you know.

Unknown said...

I have so so much catching up to do re this.
So glad for you. Really.
You have the biggest heart .

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