September 14, 2010

the same page

The weekend was full of weariness. Late nights that were unavoidable, days that were brimming with activity. All important, nothing that could have been set aside for another day. I wish I could have set aside some of the words that spouted from my own mouth...
Mothers and daughters... not always the easiest of relationships. Sometimes it is really good, and sometimes... oh sometimes, I wish we could just avoid each other and be happy about it. But I pushed her this weekend. I pushed her to accomplish tasks that were far from her desiring, and far too long overdue for my liking. And she pushed back... like a real teenager is apt to do.
Sometimes I think my kids are not real teenagers, but there are days when I receive my reality check.
But yesterday was a new day. Almost. At least it was a new day after the sun came up. Before that? I just might have had some words left in me that I should have kept to myself.
So yesterday afternoon was a new day... and as she & I sat together in the bathroom ready to fancy-up her hair for her high school open house and her first chorus performance, we smiled together.
How do you want your hair?
Just regular.
Or... I kinda miss my...
Spiky hair?
I was thinking I kinda missed it too.
And there we were, giggling over finishing each other's thoughts, and being on the same page. And it felt good, after a weekend that was dashed with struggles. The giggling continued, along with the little details of her day... and I could not help but linger in the goodness of us, mother and daughter.
It is an everyday gift... a gift that might have been overlooked, if not for the uneasiness that prefaced.
 A Tuesday kind of gift.
And thankfulness abounds.



Corinne Cunningham said...

You are so right, not always the easiest, but so wonderful.
Thank God for those quiet moments together :)

Kat said...

I know this may be superficial...but I really do want to it is a sincere do you keep Laura's hair "spiky" without attacking it with hairspray. When my hair was "flippy/spiky", I went through a lot of hairspray, and I mean A LOT. But now I have flat hair, and I kinda miss my flippy/spiky hair, too.

Anonymous said...

Yes. I think that without the dark places we cannot really appreciate the light.

Mrs. Sojourner said...

Oh, the Mother-Daughter relationship! I'm not really looking forward to the teenage stage. ;) Thanks for sharing.

Busy Bee Suz said...

An everyday gift. Love you both!

Kelli said...

I glimmer of sweetness amid the sometimes yucky!! I LOVE IT!

Richella Parham said...

Well. I think I needed to read this today. Because I've had an extra-large helping of darkness lately, and I need to think of that as just something to help me appreciate the light. :)

Oh, you and Laura. I just love y'all.

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

What a wonderful and sweet moment. Truly a gift! :)

imoomie said...

Such truth and beauty in the dance in between mother and daughter.

Such sweetness!

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