September 21, 2010

virtual coffee (or tea!)

Amy at Lucky Number 13 has invited us for coffee again...
If we were really going to meet for coffee today, I'd ask you to swing on by... the sun is glinting through the trees in the backyard and the sight always brings me joy. The breeze is kicking up, and even though it hit 90 degrees today, I think the humidity is down 1/2 a percent... kind of like the promise of fall.
Today, it is tea for me. I have scrounged the cabinets for something to satisfy the hunger created by this prescription of steroids (really swollen sinuses) and after the stale oreos, tea sounded sweet and delicious. And it is... especially out of this mug I picked up in the Amsterdam airport. Oh, I fell in love with the tulips and the blue delft in the first few minutes of the ten hours we were there!
If we were meeting up today, I'd tell you how I started on Laura's homecoming dress... and it is looking beautiful! I am almost done, and I hope to finish it before Saturday... you know, when the dance is. I am hoping against hope that the fiasco of a football field will be approved for Friday night's game... it has been a strange marching band season so far... but I never tire of hearing that cadence and watching them take the field. And most of all, I am looking forward to sitting with my Mom in the stands... because I am missing her like crazy.

Today I'd tell you that I watched Dancing with the Stars last night with the lowest of expectations... and I ended up loving it, texting back & forth with a friend... laughing the whole time. Perhaps this season will be better than the last... but truly it is more about the fun of sharing notes with a far-away-friend than the dancing. Thank goodness for Tivo... that cute little guy helps me keep up on my tv obsessions.

If we were really meeting for coffee today... I might remind you to really live in every moment with your kiddos... the time is flying right on by and I am noticing that my baby is almost as tall as I am. I wonder if I even have til our December birthdays before I'll be looking up at him. I am so thankful he is still willing to hug me everyday...
Till next week, friends... thanks Amy, for inviting us for coffee (or tea!) and sharing this real life together.


Busy Bee Suz said...

I love our coffee/tea time.
Sorry about the steroids...I hope you can end that battle soon.
Love this dress....oh, you are so talented and you still have days away!!!

Alita said...

If we were having coffee today I would be completely envious of your sewing skills. I would also fish for a invite to the football game. I, too love the hoopla of it all.

Tea sounds delightful. Maybe some sleepytime, but that is only because it is later in the evening now.

Lovely "tea" with you lady. I hope to do it again soon. very soon.

Corinne Cunningham said...

Tea sounds pretty darn good right about now :)
That dress is gorgeous... as is the mug!!
(you know what's really funny? I miss your hugs almost as much as my mom's right now! Maybe it's a Florida hug thing? You are such a sweet friend. Just know that I adore you!)

Anonymous said...

The mug is beautiful, so is the dress - you sure are talented!

Kelly said...

I adore you too!...except you made me watch Dancing with the Stars for probably the first time ever, and now I might have to watch it again. Feel better soon!

Amy @ Lucky Number 13 said...

You know what? I have never watched DWTS but I do love having a show to watch, virtually, with friends and text, chat, email about...I think it helps us stay connected! I think that homecoming dress looks awesome and i can't wait to see how it turns out. Thanks for joining in for coffee this week!

Virginia said...

That mug is beautiful. Tulips are my favorite flower.

Your comment about soaking in every moment kind of made me tear up. I need reminded of that every now and then. Especially when I'm trying to sell them on ebay when we've had a rough day.

Thank you for the tea. I truly enjoyed it.

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