October 11, 2010

8th grade band night

Some things are worth waiting for... and I feel like I've been waiting forever.  But there was no threat of rain, no worries at all.  And as soon as I heard that far-off cadence begin, I hurried to the fence to bask in the anticipation.  And then... there he was.  Looking like he fit in, wearing that drum, when I fully expected him not to be.  I turned, and my Mom was wiping away the tears...
It might just be a preview... but I remember when it was her turn, and how excited I was for her. And how quickly the time passed between this and the real thing.  

The time will fly by on its own, without me wishing it away. That I know for sure.

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Richella Parham said...

Oh, yes, the time will fly. You can be sure of that.

But my gosh, Dawn--I can hardly believe that's Cam! He looks older in that photo than he does in the Africa photos! How on earth can they change so much so quickly? How does it happen?

Aren't you glad you have a camera? And a heart big enough to hold all the memories? :)

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