October 27, 2010

accepting fall

It takes a while... for the fall air to makes its way to Southwest Florida. The summer heat drags on through September, the humidity hanging on and weighing us down.  And October may or may not feel like copying it's neighbor... but this year it seems as if October has decided to turn its back on steamy, sticky September, and do its own thing.  We may not have enjoyed the crisp fall days that I rememeber, that I dream of... but the air has been cooler and the humidity has been wisked away, making 86 feel downright beautiful.  The breeze has picked up and I find myself smiling... accepting this Florida fall.

The Florida winter is easy to embrace, with cool mornings and sun-warmed afternoons... but it is the fall that leaves me wanting.  Wanting apple picking and colored leaves.  Wanting the chill in the air along with the deepest blue sky.  Wanting steamy cider to warm my cold hands. 
This is our 14th Florida fall... and I am surprised my senses still ache for those things. 

But how many times have I told myself life is what you make it
And so I find myself creating fall.  Baking apple cakes and pumpkin cupcakes... stirring up pots of chili.  Sprinkling faux autumn leaves here & there, and enjoying the scent of that cinnamon broom (along with Yankee Candle's spiced pumpkin.)  This year, we trekked out to the pumpkin patch early... enjoying our orange treasures for weeks instead of days before the urge for carving sets in.

So here I am... accepting this season. 
Knowing that I can wish for something I cannot have, or choose to embrace what is right in front of me.  And time is flying... I've given up on the chance that it will all of a sudden slow to a meander.  All I have is the now.  And the now... is good.  Football games and Saturday band events, silk leaves and pumpkin coffee creamer, recipes from friends and cooling my warm hands on glasses of chilled apple cider.
I will still be envious of those perfect, crisp fall days... but my heart knows this is right where I am supposed to be.  Life is what you make it... and I will make it beautiful.  No matter what the season. 


Richella Parham said...

Oh, boy.

I nearly cried at reading of your longing to warm your hands with steaming cider. . . and then being content to cool your hands with cold apple cider. I need to take a lesson from you, girl.

Love the pumpkin patch photos!

Anonymous said...

If you come to Iowa, you should come in the fall. And then I'll come back to Florida with you before the winter sets in. :)

I think I will choose contentment today as well. I think it's a good place to be.

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is so beautiful Dawn.
I kinda feel the same way, although MOST of my fall's have been in Florida. I do remember the changing of the seasons in GA and TX. But like you said, "life is what you make it"...and you make it good.

Jen said...

Even though Fall is a prelude to winter I still like it. :)
Love your pumpkin pics...and your acceptance of your here and now.

Michelle DeRusha said...

Accepting the season...so much wisdom in those words, Dawn!

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