October 31, 2010

halloween, this year...

I want to wish you a Happy Halloween!
I'm feeling like the Scrooge of Halloween.
One is cleaning her room, and the other is working on a science project. And if these tasks are not completed soon?  No treats, no tricks, no argument.
I wish I had just put my foot down and told them they were just too old to go trick-or-treating... but I never got around to it. I only hoped that no talk of it meant they weren't planning on it.
And I'm wondering... if the pumpkin carving, or lack there of, is going to have the same outcome.
I'm kind of longing for the days where there were no questions, no wondering... just last minute creating.

But I guess, if their projects are completed, there will be plenty of that last minute creating...


Corinne Cunningham said...

I love the pictures :) That mask is gorgeous - as is the lady beneath it!!
(totally feeling Halloween scruge ish today as well... we did the zoo yesterday where the kids dressed up, but that's it...)

Busy Bee Suz said...

So cute.
Good luck with the last minute creating!!!!

Pam said...

My girl went to a party Friday night so it's not even on our radar tonight. And the porch light is OFF. And you thought YOU were a scrooge? LOL

Kelli said...

Love your Halloween mask! I also know you enjoyed your walk down memory lane! The pictures of the kids from yesteryear are priceless! Hope their work was completed in time to trick or treat!

Richella Parham said...

Is that the CUTEST photo of Laura and Cam?? What happened to those little guys?

But you in the mask--now that's a framer, girl!

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