February 08, 2011

{virtual coffee}

Monday seemed to last forever, but here it is Tuesday... at last! And if we were really meeting for coffee this afternoon, the first thing you might notice is my smile... and the way it is reaching all the way up to my eyes.  Not at all like last week.  Thank you... for your prayers and good thoughts, the support and the love you offered.  We are still waiting on the healing, but a peace has come and settled itself over us... God reaching out and reminding us that no matter what the circumstances are, it can still be well with our soul
The second thing?  Maybe you would notice my pretty new mug?  I finally made it downtown to pick up the treasures we painted on Laura's birthday.  I am thrilled with how the mug turned out.  I had no ideas and I almost decided not to paint at all... and then Laura & Cam suggested Africa.  That was all it took.  Africa... still tangled up in my heart. And sitting here with my cup of tea, sunshine glinting in through the window, lasagna in the over and no where to be but here, I feel happy. 
I wish I could share some of this sunshine with you... and the beautiful air.  Amy's report of negative degrees reminded me of how much I love Florida winters!  I hope you don't mind if I share some silliness with you... promise you won't hate me though!  The other night a friend posted this on facebook... just bought the last four containers of ice melt on the planet.  I read it, and immediate wondered what ice melt was?  A new kind of ice cream?  Like dippin' dots?  Or....oooohhhhhhhhhhhh.  Oops!  Yes, that is how long I've lived in Florida!!  Go ahead, laugh at me.  No day is complete without a good laugh! 
I hope you laugh today. And find somewhere to warm your toes.
Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I simply LOVE your new mug. Beautiful beautiful. And yeah. I'm laughing at you. And kind of jealous of a world where you don't need ice melt . . . :)

Alyss said...

Hey girl! Thank you so much for the sweet sweet sweet comment and the encouragement to love the beautiful messes every day. Your blog is beautiful. Lovin' that Africa mug. What's your connection to the country?

Gabe said...

at least for a moment, I can feel the warmth of the sun. . .in a moment I will have to walk back down my very cold hallway, but for know I am in the warmth of Flordia thanks for sharing with me!

Glad you are smiling more! If you want some ice melt, I would be happy to send you some:)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am so glad YOU are smiling.
That mug is full of good stuff...and not just the coffee.
Ice Melt??? Does that melt ice? Although...I bet it would make a great milkshake.....

Richella Parham said...

SO funny! Like Dippin Dots, maybe? You Florida girl, you!

I love your zebra mug! :)

Kat said...

I. love. your. mug. Love it!

I think we Mississippians need some of that ice melt today!

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