June 15, 2011

the why

I pause as I fasten bright silver  about my neck.  Why? 
Why do I choose this charm to suspend from the chain today? 

I think about sitting across the table from a friend at lunch and my mind wonders what she thinks when she sees it.  What if she should ask why?  The devil himself seems to slip into my thought process and brings to mind words typed out in a rampant email from long ago Why would Jesus want that reminder of how he died hanging on your neck?   I push him away.  Far away, where he belongs.  

Why indeed?
Oh, I don't wonder.  I know. 
So I continue with the clasping and then peer into the mirror and admire God's work.

The gleaming silver that stretches up to heaven and out to me, hangs empty.  Jesus is no longer there, suffering the sin of the world, the sin of me.  He is alive.  God's most perfect gift, for you and for me.  And when my fingers reach for it and slide it back and forth on the chain, I remember.  I remember  what He has done for me, and that the doing is complete.  I remember that I am wonderfully made.  I remember that in Him, I am enough. 

I whisper a soft thank you... and move on with my day.


Busy Bee Suz said...


Pam said...

Such sweet words about our Jesus! :)

Heathahlee said...

So very thankful for that empty cross!

Southern Gal said...

I echo HeathahLee's comment. Yes.

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