April 17, 2012

the balloons, part two

I was juggling my camera and my phone, snapping pictures with both. I was in awe of how close we were allowed to be, no one pushing us back except to say be careful of the tether rope, so up close, I was. I wanted to capture it all... the thin silk of the balloon, the heat of the flame, the air that was rushing, and most of all, the excitement and thrill that was running through me. The teen caught me jumping up and down and shook her head with a bright smile.  I just laughed back at her.

As the balloons reached skyward, the balloon tethers were stretched taut... and in the midst of the field, men were working the ropes tethered to the tops of the balloons. Something came over me and I asked if you had to be really strong to hold the rope. He smiled, handed me to loop, and off he went. I may have let a scream of excitement escape... I was holding a balloon!!!

But my fun did not end there. I returned Sunday morning with Eric, Laura & Cam. We were watching the magic when Cam was tapped on the shoulder and offered a job crewing Miss Daisy. He nodded, my insides screamed, and off we went. Half-way there I decided I was not going to just stand by and take pictures... I was not going to miss this moment. I jumped right in beside him when it was time to spread out the balloon. The next step was to closed velcro zippers around the petals... and all the while we worked, I thought of how dancing in Africa had brought me here. Here, where I banish fear and live in the moment. Here, with no regrets.

Balloons continued to be rolled out and inflated, side by side by side. The field was covered with splashes of color, lines of rope and bustling people. It seemed there was hardly room to walk. And then... in what seemed the next moment, the ground was bare and it was the air that had donned the colorful wardrobe. Eric and Laura lended their leverage to Tequila Sunrise and visited with its pilot while Cam and I wandered off to find a pilot I had met the morning before.
by laura
And when we found him, he put us to work. I didn't mind the balloons being deflated if I could help! We steadied the basket while it tipped and then worked bundling the balloon. I loved the process... air released, silk rippling, and then putting it all back in its bag. There was lots of laughter and joking while we worked... and joy over being able to do more than just admire. I suppose for me, the beauty of something has become more than what my eye can see... it is also in being a part of something, being all in and the excitement that blooms in my soul.

Someday I want that up, up and away...
but these six hours {over two mornings} were life-filled.
Colors billowing, tethers reaching, and me throwing caution to the wind.


Southern Gal said...

The word, the pictures, the joy in this post...I love it all. You make me want to run out and find my adventure.

We used to have a balloon festival in our small town at the airport just down the road from us. It was always so fun to watch them float by.

Richella Parham said...

What a glorious festival of color and fun! You are a dancer, for sure. You learned your lesson well; now look at you rock!

Anonymous said...

Oh how very fun!!! :)

You really should come to the Iowa one. Then I'd just have to go.

They launch them every day (weather permitting) at sunrise and sunset for about four days straight.

Busy Bee Suz said...

The smile on your face says it all: BLISS!!! {Is that Grant, your new friend?}
I am so happy that you and the family were able to be a part of this.....one more thing on your list of thrills!
I am mesmerized by all the colors too; gorgeous.

BTW: the 'photo' is being looked for.

Pam said...

This post is just stunning! The photos are amazing! And the excitement in your 'voice' is adorable...as is the happiness I see in your face. : )

Loui♥ said...

Oh Dawn!!!
how I love this post!!
to be so in the moment.. You took me right along with you!!
Love it..
have missed my visiting..
but life has had me spinning in so many directions..

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