April 13, 2012

five minute friday: goodbye

I am the hug police.
Watching, counting... as each little one, and the not-so little ones, say goodbye in their own special way.
A real hug, please. Both arms, please. I love you.

I hold back and wait.
When the line begins to dwindle, I lean into Bob's arms and give my own hug & kiss, and tell him I love him.
And then I wait until the last of our group passes through my Mom's arms. I want to be the last.

It might be about the best, or it might be about that last lingering touch.
I don't want to be rushed though... holding her close for more than a moment... until the next time.



Kerri said...

just popped over from Lisa-Jo's
beautiful post!
"I am the hug police"...love that!!

Dionne said...

I like that you want to hug your mom last. Sounds like you are close. Here's to many moments like that for you. Have a blessed weekend!

Pam said...

I love this! : ) HUGS to YOU, my friend.

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