April 04, 2012

broken dreams

She dreamed.
She researched, she wrote.
She re-wrote, and then tweaked it some more.
We went over the check list once and then twice... made sure that all was in order.
Just before sealing, we tucked in the glowing letters that brought her to life on paper... and then off it went. Her heart, in word form, in black and white.
All the waiting while... she dreamed and believed. And we believed it right along side her, because that is what you do when you love someone. You dream and you believe... even as you let one strand of hope stray from the bundle, just in case.

And sometimes... just in case becomes the reality you are faced with. Her tears rocked her to sleep. And my heart broke with hers. I was sure that she would at least have the chance to show her passion for the world face to face, but it was simply not meant to be.

But oh, my dear sweet adventure girl... there is more than one way to see the world. And if Thailand is in your dreams... then I know you will someday find your way there...


Unknown said...

I hate broken dreams, even though often our dream pales in comparison to what God has for us. Praying!

Pam said...

I know your mama heart is hurting today. That is so hard for both of you. I'm so sorry things didn't work out the way you both had hoped and dreamed it would. But as Heidi has said, sometimes our dreams pale in comparison to His. Hugs and love to you, my friend! : )

Southern Gal said...

I'm so glad you're there to soothe the hurt. She's growing in this. I'm sure God has even bigger plans for her willing heart, Dawn.

tracie @ {tsj} photography said...

my heart is sadden and broken right along side of you both. i'm so sorry this is the path chosen for laura right now. but i believe with everything inside of me that God has something greater in store JUST FOR HER! hugs and love to you both!

Anonymous said...

Aw, those disappointments are so tough. She's going to be okay. I have learned (through much kicking and fighting on my part), that His something better is ALWAYS better than our best. :) Hugs to your girl.

Gabe said...

No one prepares you for the heart break of watching their hearts break!!!

Can't wait to see how God works it out...praying peace in the meantime!

Busy Bee Suz said...

That is a tough one...because if anyone deserves good things like this, it is Laura.
I hope her heart heals quickly and she finds another dream soon.

Cassie said...

As the others have said, God has something special waiting just for her. In the mean time, it's good to have you as her mommy, showing His love.

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