April 11, 2012

spring break

Once upon a time, we enjoyed the most perfect spring break.
We were just home, taking each day as it came... and it became a string of simple, beautiful days.
When I grow antsy for spring break, it is that week I dream of... the one I wish every break to live up to.
Of course... it can't. It doesn't. Jobs change, children grow... and we make the best of what we are given.
We had a beautiful week. It may not have mirrored that week, but it was beautiful in its very own way.
Full of blessings, full of life and love. And I could never ask for more than that...



Pam said...

Sounds (and looks) like a lovely break. I love the planter picture! So clever..did you make it?

Busy Bee Suz said...

That planter? perfect? And your week....well, it was NOT THAT week, but it was a week full of memories. And that is the best we can ask for. Good stuff my friend.

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