February 08, 2013

friday letters...5

Hello Friday!
I am always so happy when you arrive!
The week just wouldn't be the same without you!

Dear Readers,
Have you heard about this new book? It is free on Amazon until midnight!!!
You have nothing to lose... and grace-oh-grace to gain!  I read Tracie's 31 day series, and loved it... and am loving it all over again in e-book form!!!  Of course, you can buy the paperback if you want! It is only $7.99!  {I had to have a hard copy, too!}

Dear Camden,
Why-oh-why must you torture me!  I just wanted a nice photo of you, sitting there all handsome with your fresh haircut! But you squirm and make funny faces, and I end up with a series of silly and awful! I will never stop trying! And if you would just sit and smile, the torture would be over so much quicker!

Dear Pony Beads,
Who knew?!?! I saw the craft on Pinterest and didn't give it much thought... until my sister showed off her crafts at Christmas! If I had only known you would melt and pop out of the pan with ease I would not have made so many beaded key chains all those years ago! But now, you are giving me joy with the sun shining through!

Dear Friends,
Thank you for your loving care.
I feel surrounded by your kind words & prayers and your daily texts and emails.  I cannot express what they all mean to me and how they can pull me out of a grand old pity party.  {I am taking the weekend to pull some words together just right and will share more next week... because God paves a rocky road smooth with His gifts and graces.}

Dear Mom & Bob...
Tomorrow, tomorrow!!!!  I am so excited for your trip... give George a hug from all of us! 
And tell Africa I said hello...  I love you!




Southern Gal said...

Love your letters today, friend. I wondered what you were doing with the pony beads. So fun! Handsome guy, that Cam. And your parents are on their way to Africa!! Yay!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Love Cam and his many faces!!!! The pony bead craft is too beautiful for words: LOVE!!!!!!
I hope you are feeling well....I KNOW Mom and Bob are going to love their time in Africa.

sarita said...

Just remember tht the silly faces are part of him too.

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