February 18, 2013

my forever valentine...

Lately he's been holding me together. Patching me up. Cheering me on.
If not for him, I'd be hiding from the world.  But he whispers courage into my heart and fills my head with laughter. Laughter... when he backs up the tivo to watch a commercial. {He just loves those AT&T kids who want to tie a cheetah to Gramma's back} ...when he threatens German lunch meat.  ...when we see a lone bicycle in a parking lot and wonder if it is a "bike sting" like the one we saw on Cops.  ...when we cook up a scheme and act down-right silly with the kids.

He is my safe place, my home.  And some days, across the room is just too far away.



Southern Gal said...

I love this because I know a while back it was you cheering him on and whispering encouragement to him. Sweet love story, Dawn. Is that a heart shape around the sun? Amazing photo.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my heart.....this is too sweet. YOU two are a perfect match. You bring each other up when you are down...and those inside jokes between two people who share a heart (and a brain?) are the best!

Pam said...

Love this so much! We all need a safe place and I'm glad you have such a wonderful support. Hugs! : )

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