February 01, 2013

friday letters...4

Dear January,
Are you really just a memory?
It seems you lasted forever, and yet flew by so quickly. Thank you for the opportunity to celebrate my girl, and lasting long enough to get Christmas put away! 

Dear February,
You are off to a beautiful start! The crisp winter air and my favorite shade of blue!  I plan to fill this month with love...

Dear Unexpected Events of the Week,
Wow. Everyday has brought along something unexpected... but on Friday, with a fresh shower and a little eye make-up, I can look back and nod. Perhaps you offered nothing pleasant, but the prayers that surrounded me daily make up for that. And the knowing... that each event I caught as unplanned was actually already mapped out by the Author of Life, and therefore, covered by His grace.

Dear Ann,
I have felt your presence all around me this week.  In memories and tears, through nurses and angels. You could never be far from my heart... but it has been more than that this week.  While it makes me miss you more, it also makes me laugh as I can hear your voice loud and clear. We would have laughed a lot this week...

Dear New Blog Readers,
Thank you! Your sweet notes and comments have made me smile and have been so encouraging!  I also offer thanks to Southern Gal who blessed me by linking my little spot of grace to a blog hop! It never ceases to amaze me that friendships can be made so fast and true... and oh, I enjoy being amazed a little bit each day!

Dear World,
My dear friend Tracie wrote a 31-day series on forgiveness this past October... and very soon, you will be able to buy the actual book. In print! I am so excited for her... and am anxiously awaiting the news of how to get it!!!  Her journey through forgiveness is  profound... and simple and beautiful. I hope that you might seek it out!

Dear Eric,
Are you as amazed as I am how the tides turn and we find ourselves sitting right in each other's shoes time after time?! I think you may be the better care-giver... thank you. For loving me at every turn.




Southern Gal said...

I love Friday's Letters. And I love your heart, friend. So glad you are in such good spirits. It speaks overwhelmingly of your precious faith. Hugs across cyber space.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, you who has gone through so much can only find the positive??? Whatever drug you are on, please share. :) LOL!!!!
I'm so glad you have been feeling Ann's presence, that is what good angels do for us.
February already? *sigh*

Michell Pulliam said...

Hi Dawn! Found you over at The Sweet Season! So sorry for the loss of your friend...losing a friend is NEVER easy. Such a blessing you have great memories AND your faith! Following your blog now...have a blessed weekend!

Michell @Prowess and Pearls

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