April 22, 2013

a simple list of thankful...

-a sunset on an evening that needed a bit of grace
-a city that cooperated, and got the job done
-family... safe
-thinking about a few smiles that i sent in the mail
-a very unlikely surprise in our mail… that offered a bit of breathing room
-one beautiful day, in every way
-holding my dear friend in prayer all weekend as she navigated the emotions of loss and love
-and that she felt the Lord’s presence through it
-April, almost over
-three weeks until zoo school
-stirring up a big bowl of snicker dip… and having it for dinner



Southern Gal said...

Simple and sweet list. Snicker dip for dinner sounds like my kind of meal. Hugs.

Unknown said...

beautiful list... and yes, the Snicker dip sounds amazing!! ;)

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