April 11, 2013

yay five!

We celebrate life in fives... five-ten-fifteen-twenty...
If  you count by fives long enough, you fall into that sing-song elementary rhythm that is inescapable.  But when I think five, Rudy Huxtable's voice slips into my head shouting Yay five!  There is just something about that number.  And when my kiddos hit that magic milestone, you can be sure that I was shouting Yay five! as we high five-d and celebated. 

And today, I shout it again, amazed that I have written five posts, let alone five years worth of posts.  I clicked that "create blog" button without a clue that I would have anything to say, that I would enjoy writing again, and especially that I was entering into a community where friends on the other side of this screen are real and true.  My mother was horrified and my husband was suspicious... but God brought the words to my heart, and Beyond Grace won them over in a beautiful way.

Five years ago, I was right where I wanted to be.  Life was grand.  And then things started changing, causing me to stretch and grow beyond that grand little place.  It was hard and sometimes it hurt more than I thought I could bear... and other times, it was more beautiful than I could have possibly dreamed!  I am so thankful that God had more in mind for me!   He has shown me the messy and the beautiful... and that the messy can be beautiful if you change the eyes of your heart.  He has taught me to dance and to dream... that no matter where I am, He'll meet me right there.  And when I wonder if the words will keep coming, I will just remember, with a smile on my face, that God's not done with me yet...

Thank you...
for reading my heart and finding something beautiful here. 


Pam said...

Happy Five Year Blog-oversary my friend! I'm so glad you've let us into your life and heart. It's a beautiful place. Hugs and love! : )

Gabe said...

Yah, five!

I feel honored that you let us read your heart here! Here's to at least 5 more!

Busy Bee Suz said...

YAY FIVE!!!!! It really doesn't seem that long does it? I too am honored that you share your heart with us....the good stuff and the not so good stuff too. This is how we all learn to get through it, through sharing.
Happy five my friend.

PS. I just love that photo of Laura. Do you think she loved that back pack that day???? :)

jenn said...

Happy Yay Five!!!

If it wasn't for blogging, we would have never met!! I'm very thankful for our meeting and friendship!

Richella Parham said...

A person doesn't have to look very hard to find something beautiful in your heart, Dawn. Not hard at all.

Congratulations on five years of being a blogger! :)

Loui♥ said...

D~ i LOVE reading your words..
they touch my soul//
sometimes I cry.. with joy..
with sadness..
sometimes I laugh til I'm crying..
but your words ALWAYS make me feel..
and think..and DO!
thanks for sharing so much with me..
and others..
over these five past years!
Let's pray for at least another five!
love and hugs..smiles too!

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