April 11, 2008

grace itself

Grace is, quite simply, a gift. A gift of a life that I do not deserve, but have been blessed with anyway, just because I am a child of God. That God would simply and completely erase my wrong doings, my mistakes (oh, how plentiful), and my slip ups from His memory, because I am His child is almost beyond belief. But I do believe. I need to. I need His strength, His love, His light...His forgiveness. I need God's grace to sustain me. And it does. We have been promised life...not a great life, not a happy-every-minute life, not even an adventuresome life...just life. And the rest of it? The laughter, the relationships, the smiles, the fun, the JOY....well, that is simply...beyond grace.


HappyWifeHappyLife said...

Love this blog.... I shall be a frequent visitor. :-)

Sue Graber said...

Love your blog, Dawn...Just "happened upon you" after searching for "virtual coffee"....Will be back to read more for sure!

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