April 24, 2008

angel eyes

My daughter's eyes are unique...they are beautiful...and they tell a story- her story. Her eyes are our miracle...one that I thank God for every day. The dreams we have for our children are bigger than the dreams that we create for ourselves- and yet, in the same instant, simple. And when it seems that our dreams for them may be out of reach, we begin to focus on what may never be. I thought she might never be able to see the beauty of a rainbow, with each color melting into the next...the iridescence of a bubble floating softly on a breeze...her own beautiful reflection. But I was shown that it doesn't pay to look at the "might nevers," for under each one is a "may be," and it is not in our power to decide the outcome. She sees. She sees the beauty all around us...each stroke God has painted on this beautiful canvas we call our world. She sees the beauty in the written word...and spends hours with the characters she meets in her books. She sees beauty in music...and bravely sings her praises to the Lord. She sees beauty in people...that their circumstances are not who they are...that it's their heart that matters. She sees beauty. She sees. And I thank God every day.

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Ericg said...

Boy, I can still remember sitting IFO the New England Med Center, having just been told that Laura would be mostly blind and never be a "normal" Child...never drive...I think we went straight to Wilburs...Fortunately, we found a much better Doc...And now, she'll be getting her Learners in less than a year...scary and amazed!

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