April 17, 2008

sticky note lesson

I can chat on the phone with a friend for hours...but really, I don't like to call people. I will take on any volunteer task, but if it requires phone calls, I ask my friend Jenn to help me with the project- and give her the phone call part of the job. I think I just don't want to interrupt someone if they are busy. What if they are eating dinner...helping with homework...taking a nap...just spending family time together? It doesn't really make sense...if they were busy, they could just call me back. But this...thing...this fear I have of interrupting someones precious time keeps me from picking up the phone. And it has kept me from a friend...forever. I can't seem to throw away this sticky note I have slid into the front pocket of this little bag I carry. It's a bag of junk...but junk that I might seriously need! Headache remedies, band aids, lipstick, coins, ear plugs for Cam if where we are is too loud, dental floss, a coupon for a pony ride...and this sticky note. So, what's on the sticky note? A phone number. And my friend's name...Lisa. The number is not the number for her house, but for her room in the hospital. It's been in there for almost a year. I wanted to call, I meant to call, but the person who gave me the number didn't know if she was coming home that day, or the next. So, if I called, I might interrupt her while she was trying to get out of there...or, she'd already be home and I'd be interrupting a stranger, someone who really might be sleeping. So, I thought I'd just wait a day or two. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to call her, tell her I was praying for her. The day after I received her phone number, she died...something just went wrong with her recovery. I don't always notice the sticky note...not everyday...but when I do? It reminds me that every moment we have is a gift...and friends? Friends will forgive me if I call and interrupt their dinner...or their nap. I keep the sticky note because I am trying to learn a lesson Lisa already knew...don't worry about what others think...just go where your heart leads you. And go today, because tomorrow may be too late.

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Suzanne said...

we all have a "sticky note" lesson somewhere...
Thanks for sharing and helping me to remember this also.

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