April 15, 2008

i hope they will remember

My kids have the coolest life...they can't possibly realize how fortunate they really are, and so my hope is that they remember at least half of the wonderful opportunities and experiences they have been given. This weekend it was a chance to try scuba at Rookery Bay...which they loved! (It was another one of those saying yes opportunities for me- Laura had asked to go over spring break, and I put her off for a week so we could go to the free event!) The three of them came out of the pool excited and energized...ready to dive off of the Great Barrier Reef. Sorry, sometimes it's good to say no!
I do hope they tuck this adventure away for another day though...along with the memories of so many other adventures. Like climbing the stairs of St Augustine light house...dancing the Can-can on stage with a Can-can girl...laying a personal treasure at the Flight 93 site...sewing with Gramma...looking out at the world from the top of the arch in St Louis...riding on the Indy race track...fishing with Grampa... All of these things that I have not yet had the chance to do. Laura & Cam have experienced so much...so many places...and have gained so much knowledge! And I love that these opportunities have not spoiled them, but instead, have taught them to look for the adventure in each new day...

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carie said...

I know that they will remember the love you offered during these special times the most!!!

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