April 23, 2008

because she loves me

My Mom says that I put her on an undeserved pedestal...but really...there is no other woman I know who has survived life with such grace. No one lives their life without some kind of struggle...within themselves, or with others- but in the end, it is how you overcome the struggle, and your outlook on life that makes you who you really are. And my Mom continues to look at life with gratitude and joy. And she has such fun and so many adventures in the process. She was the first person to love me...besides my Heavenly Father...and her love has been my example. A mother is a daughter's first teacher. She taught me how to tie my shoes...how to find my shoes...and how to put your arms around someone and really hug them. She has taught me that when things go wrong, you find a way to pick yourself up and continue on...until the next blessing comes along. I know that sometimes she regrets how well she has taught me...when I put my own emotions aside and let her lean on me. But it just feels right. And she challenges me! We talk about God...and Jesus. Our conversations make me stretch...and grow. And it is just another bond we share. My Mom cheers me on in all that I try...her praise is something I cherish...I don't need it- but I do hold it close. And just as she feels I give her too much credit, I feel she gives me too much. I am not Mother of the Year...I make so many mistakes...say things I wish I hadn't...I think it is just part of the job. And so I pick myself up, as I have been taught, ask for forgiveness and strength...and keep on going. My Mom...who she is inspires me...to do more...to live more. My Mom is not perfect...she is beautiful, she is happy, she is loving, she is mine.


Suzanne said...

OHHHH and I LOVE your Mom too.
She has set a fantastic example for you to follow.

carie said...

you both know just how blessed you are!

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