April 25, 2008

do you believe in magic?

I remember, when I was little, that I used to love magic tricks. Maybe it wasn't the tricks, but the actual magic I thought it involved. I would watch and be amazed...truly believing in the mystery of magic. And I would get upset if someone would try to figure out how a trick was done...or worse, try to tell me the trick to the trick. Why couldn't they just believe in the magic like I did? I guess I am pretty well grown...and now I know...that magic tricks are just that...tricks. So where is the magic? Is there really any magic at all? I suppose it is all in how you think about magic. I no longer believe that magic is about tricks...I look at it in a different light...maybe it's about how you feel...or how you feel about what you see...or how you feel about the possibilities of what could be. I believe that Disney World is magical...being in a world of imagination and happiness...the feeling that comes over me as I walk down Main Street and see Cinderella's Castle. I believe that sunset at the beach is magical...that golden light that plays off of the sea and the sand...that light that makes everything beautiful. I believe that love is magical...when your heart blooms and fills...and you wish the world would just stand still. I believe that life is magical...the sense of wonder you create within your family...and the overwhelming emotions that leave you standing at the brink...of tomorrow.

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carie said...

i love the way you view the world...with innocence and the eyes of wonder!!! the world is definitely more magical with people like you in it!!

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