April 12, 2008

i am inspired

My forever friend has inspired me with her words, with the creativity that she doesn't quite believe exists, with her freedom and with her heart. I love her blog...the quiet window into her heart...the photographs filled with tenderness and joy...the words that flow as she, herself, is inspired. Reading her blog, her everyday happenings, makes me feel like I am right across the street. And waiting for the next post is the anticipation of watching out the window for your friend to come home so you can go out to play. We've been friends for years...eleven...since our youngests were babies...and we aren't as close as we once were...distance between our houses, both now working, kids older and on the go... I am so thankful though, for the times we steal away for breakfast and endless conversation. We can pick up just where we left off...erase the time since the last time...and it's just like it always was. I am so blessed to have this friend who has inspired me with her life, her outlook on life, her patience with her girls...her blog!

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carie said...

Your words humble me...I love the term my "forever friend" and I feel exactly the same!!!! xoxoxo

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