April 14, 2008

saying yes to my kids

Sometimes I feel like so many requests my kids bring to me, I have to deny them...because of time, timing, or just unpracticality...and, because of that, I love when I can just say yes! We seem to have a regular Sunday ritual...church, groceries, lunch & laundry...trying to make ourselves ready for the upcoming week of school & work. There are, of course, weeks that none of that really happens...and, of course, the result is harried mornings which usually involves a little yelling. I was cleaning the kitchen when Cam came around the corner with a puzzle and hopeful eyes, and my first instinct was to reply with, "Maybe later." But I did stop myself, think about which was more important (kitchen counters or that sweet son) and said, "Yes!" And I am so thankful for that time we spent together! Sitting together, spreading the pieces out on our kitchen table, chatting about silly things...fitting together pieces, and realizing they didn't really fit together at all. Laura even came and helped a while...and I sat back and watched them work together. This was definitely more important than those kitchen counters! I love watching their hands...and their fingers. That little flittering, tapping dance their fingers do as a piece fits in just right touched my heart...made me thankful for saying yes.

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