April 08, 2013

a monday morning list of grace...

Stepping into the cool morning air, I catch the scent that fills me. Orange blossoms. No longer out in the early morning to  make the drive to school, I thought I had missed them this year.  But an early Saturday morning brought me the gift that envelops my soul.   As I walk, the morning plays out before me, showering me with gifts.  The sliver of the moon that rises up in the darkness.  The black sky giving way to the soft pastels that will welcome to sun.  And the symphony of birds that echo from all directions.  I spot the one who is surely the conductor... in the spotlight of a street light.  It makes me smile... and it is a lovely way to begin the day.

It seems to have been too long since I jotted a list of gifts...
-laughter over cheesecake... and no tears
-celebrating a seventieth birthday {two, actually!}
-hosanna! and a palm for camden!
-cutting a week off of my healing time... and being healed!
-suz, who always wants to help {and even better if it includes chipotle!}
-shopping for zoo school
-Christmas money still tucked away
-lively parties at our bird feeder
-the orange moon hanging low on our morning ride
-chimichangas. and saying "chimichanga"
-spray painting with my girl
-excitement overcoming nerves {for now}
-all of us in a row
-laughter shared by four
-knowing just where you can get a lovely hug on a sunday morning
-carefully re-printing recipes by hand
-celebrating five years of blogging...and the gifts it has brought my way
          -friendships, true blue
          -freedom in myself
          -allowing myself to be known in a new way
          -words... and that they somehow keep coming {thank you, God}
          -the words of others
          -the chance to explore my faith a little more
          -learning things i never knew i never knew... about myself, others + the world
          -and that knowing someone by heart is truly beautiful



Busy Bee Suz said...

Your list of gifts is purely wonderful. As are YOU. The orange blossom smell never gets old does it? Loverly.
Cheers again to five years......and it seems like it was yesterday.

Anonymous said...
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Pam said...

I'm so happy you're healed! So thankful for that! : ) Five years of blogging...wow. I love it! Hugs! : )

jenn said...

I always love reading your thankful lists.... Truly filled with grace!

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