May 24, 2011

beauty seeker

Stand still and consider the wondrous works of God. Job 37:14

How often do you simply stop and breathe His wonder into your soul?
The answers in my house would certainly vary… from hardly ever to at least eight times a day. You probably know without me even saying... that I would the be the eight. I can’t help myself. It begins in the darkest hour, as I head out for my walk.  The stars are shining down, giving one last twinkle before the sun rises,  and I cannot help but stop at the end of the road and just look up and marvel at their light.  And if it is the right time of year, when I step out for that same walk, I am enveloped in Jesus air… the sweet heady scent of orange blossoms that I cannot describe as anything but His breath. My friend laughs as I drink it in and let it wrap around my senses.  She knows how much it moves me.  I couldn’t escape its fullness if I tried.

Not too many nights ago, I simply stood in trail of the setting sun.  The light skipped across the gentle waves and made a path across the sea.  The water swished around my ankles and there was nothing in my mind except awe and wonder.  I stood there... and worshipped the the One who painted the sky, the One who taught the birds to fly, the One who showers my life with beauty. 

But it is not just in nature that I find the wonder... it is in the long lashes that scoop out from his (no longer) little boy eyes.  I find it in the sound of her laughter.  I experience it when he leans down and kisses my lips.  And I stop... and quickly catalog the fleeting moment, filing it away with millions of other lovely breaths. 

I don't know why He fills the earth with such glory.  I can't imagine how much more heaven will be if this is what He lays before us now.  But I know to savor these brief treasures... to take the time to be still and thank Him for the beauty. 

The others around me... they may scoff at my delight and they might sigh and speak under their breath that she can't look at the sky once without exclaiming.  But I cannot stop my eyes from connecting with my heart.  I cannot let the lovely pass me by.  And so I add to the list of who I am... beauty seeker, one who sets her eyes on gifts from above.

...originally guest-posted  by me at Sharon's Hiking Toward Home.


Loui♥ said...

what an awesome and uplifting post..
you capture the feelings in MY heart and soul so beautifully here...
thank you!
warmest sandy hugs..

Busy Bee Suz said...

As I was reading this I thought: I have read this before...has she lost her mind?
Well no, you have not.
It was just as beautiful reading it the second time.
Love you.

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