May 31, 2011

{virtual coffee} 16

Today it is vanilla with a splash of gingerbread. 
I'm down to the last bottle in my holiday hoarded stash, and I'm trying to use it sparingly... so just a splash is good.

Eyes are open and I'm searching... for the even keel.  May is hanging on by a thread, and yet the crazy has thrown its line over to June and seems content to just hang on.  But just eight days left of school... and maybe we'll cut that crazy and let it spin off into the wind.  It isn't like me... to wish the time away.  I'd rather savor the moments and stretch them out.  If only it weren't for the crazy...

If we were really meeting for coffee today, I hope it would be somewhere outside... where the sun is shining and the breeze is cool.  And if there was sand or surf involved, you wouldn't hear me complaining!  Mostly though, I'd just be happy to see your smiling face and catch up.  I've been out of the loop... both loops- writing and reading.  Slowly but surely, I am finding my way back. 

Was your weekend wonderful? 
Our was mostly uneventful, but still very nice.  Eric was working, picked up an extra shift... and I spent the time laying low and crafting away (graduation gifts, teacher gifts... just for fun stuff.)  My body has been telling me to slow down... on top of the crazy, I have had two allergic reactions to my allergy shots.  One episode of my throat closing up and one of burning skin.  Both have left me slightly shaken and certainly short of breath... but I am still going ahead, hoping that these shots really will be the end of my winter bronchitis bouts!  We did manage to make time to visit with friends over the weekend... burgers on the grill, corn on the cob and all the other delights that promise summer is coming!

OH!  and I almost forgot the band awards ceremony and dance on Friday night (that seems so long ago!) 

She had as much fun as she allowed herself... I believe she said she was "unsocially-social" which apparently means no dancing.  But she looked beautiful and her eyes sparkled when she showed me the 2012 pin she'll tack onto her band letter.  2012... oh that is but a breath away...

I hope your Tuesday doesn't feel too much like a Monday... and that the week bops along at just-the-right-speed. 
Thank you for the coffee visit... I think my heart truly needed it. 


Anonymous said...

I love her dress! I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. I'm glad you found time for coffee in spite of that. :)

Dawn said...

erin, you are so sweet! dress made (& designed!) by me. we did not attach the sash so we can be all fancy and make other colors to swap out! love you! :)

Moomser said...

Hi, it's my first time visiting from Amy's, thanks for coffee!

Kimberley said...

Mmmm gingerbread, wish I hadn't finished mine off months ago. Happy to see that "crazy" isn't only a part of my life right now lol Beautiful young lady you have, and yes they grow up way too fast!


Elisa Black said...

Hello, Dawn-- first time visit and it was lovely to have coffee with you. I liked reading your post and the music in the background, too. (Like a real coffee house). If we were here in CT, the weather would have been nice enough to have coffee outside. Is it getting very hot and humid now in FL? I, myself, am not a dancer either- but at least your daughter dressed up and socialized to the degree that she felt comfortable with and I give her credit for that! What instrument does she play? Thanks for visiting my post, too!
Have a great week!

Unknown said...

A dash of gingerbread sounds delightful. And I'll provide the sunny back deck for us to lounge on, unfortunately no sand or surf, but there are birds singing and sun is shining. So come on over.

As for the crazy...count down the days and let 'er rip. I live life on the crazy train all day everyday. Ride baby ride. :-)

Have a nice short week and thanks for meeting up for coffee.

Amy @ Lucky Number 13 said...

my tuesday did feel like a monday but that's okay because tomorrow is already wednesday! : ) i love that. that sounds scary to have a reaction like that to your allergy shots, i think it would really freak me out. your girl looks really cute all dressed up and i had to laugh at the "unsocially-social" : ) that's kind of how i think i feel a lot of the time!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Only your daughter could come up with the phrase Unsocially-social. I love it. IN that dress, it is good just to be admired. :)
I hope you are feeling better and those darn shots don't do anything but HELP you!!!
Loved seeing you on Friday. See you on Saturday!!!!

Cassie said...

I know I told you she looks lovely on FB, but even more lovely on the blog,since the picture is larger!

We all have peaks and valleys honey, so hang in there.The next mountaintop is just around the corner. Love you!

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