May 04, 2011

on eagles wings

When he answered the question, with those two little words, my heart swelled, and then couldn't help but reel on into the future and think about the next time he might say them at the altar. I do.  But as quickly as I left, I returned to the moment at hand.  Yes, I believe in Jesus Christ...
After two years of Confirmation classes and a lifetime of Jesus in his heart, Camden is now officially confirmed. Confirmed in Christ.  Signed, sealed... with a promise to be delivered into heaven when Jesus comes back.  And again, my mind flutters off... this time, to the past, and the wide eyed little boy that spoke with such excitement Mom, Jesus is going to come back someday!
The service on Sunday was very personal, being that Camden was the only one being confirmed.  He sat front and center, and Pastor spoke to him and drew him into the sermon, reminding him of the things that have been promised to us, and the promises that we make to God as we take His body and blood.  From across the row, he looked so tall and so grown, and so independent.  Making his decision for his own life... embracing what the Holy Spirit set in his heart. 

And with his life safely in the palm of God's mighty hand, we sang Eagle's Wings.  The perfect hymn to go along with his life verse (Isaiah 40:31) and Cam's love for the majestic eagle.  Later,  my Mom asked me how I could possibly sing the words to the verses, because she herself could barely sing the chorus.  I smiled and admitted that I didn't get to many of them... tears catching in my throat as my eyes lay upon my son. 

You need not fear the terror of the night, Nor the arrow that flies by day;
Though thousands fall about you, Near you it shall not come.

Thank you, God for assuring him that You are ever present, keeping harm far from him... that as long as he remains in You, he need not be afraid.

For to his angels he's given a command To guard you in all of your ways;
Upon their hands they will bear you up, Lest you dash your foot against a stone.

Oh God, that You have commanded the angels to watch over my son, that you have directed them to lift him up and protect him... I thank you.

And he will lift you up on eagle's wings, Bear you on the breath of dawn,
Make you to shine like the sun, And hold you in the palm of his hand.

And as I sang, or tried to sing through overwhelming emotion and love... I felt the words in my heart, believed with my whole self that God commanded the angels to guard my son's beautiful heart and soul.  And I could just about see the light shining around him, and feel the breath of life... all from above.


Unknown said...

What a beautiful post. Such a handsome young man, with such a pure soul.

Corinne Cunningham said...

Congratulations to Camden and to you guys :) What an event!!

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