May 16, 2011

gifts from the sea

I watched the sky as I made my way to her. Rain? Probably.
My mind reeled, considering the options, but knowing this walk was not to be cancelled or postponed- whether it happened along the shoreline, or through the mall.
As I pulled into the parking lot, I spotted her lime bug right away… and a smile rose up into my heart. I tumbled out of my own car and into her arms, and there we shared a good morning, a Happy Mother’s Day, and an I love you. Even with a dark cloud looming to the north, we decided it was worth the chance, and headed off to the boardwalk, towards the beach… already deep into conversation. Shoes were left in the sand and the cares of the world beside them. With the waves splashing around our feet, there was time… to talk, share, and laugh, with only the distractions of the shore birds and an occasional heart-shaped gift from the sea.

I need this.

I need this time… without the worries of fairness and balance and hurt feelings. Because while the mother and daughter of us will always be, there is something more than just that between us. We learn from each other. We share a friendship that collects tidbits of news to share, and moments of I-can’t-wait-to-tell-her. I have learned that I can spill my heart to her, and she will pool up the puddles of my tears and help me make sense of it. There is an excitement about being together that can overshadow a get-together that includes others. So this time… it teaches me something else: sometimes the opportunity to be selfish is actually a gift. Even if the rain pours down around you, soaking you to the skin.

176.  trees! on the church property
177.  deer on the hill. No matter how many times I see them, I can't help but count them again.
178.  soft powdery sand surrounding my feet
179.  the joy that fluffy tissue paper flowers bring to my eyes!
180.  fiesta salad
181.  the cool breeze that meets me for my morning walk... I'm amazed it lingers into May
182.  thinking, planning... ahead of the game.
183.  how God places me just where He needs me to be
184.  watching "my boys" play frisbee in the surf... no match for the wind!
185.  the crest of the wave
186.  the hug that came out of nowhere...
187.  laughter carrying over the crash of the sea
188.  time... to draw out my soul
189.  being amazed at they way my kids know me...
190.  pages flapping in the breeze... and having to catch them in order to write
191.  being a mom
192.  long term plans... just when my hope beings to wane she announces some crazy plan for a year down the road, and no matter what, it is beautiful in that she hopes.

193.  having a friend to decipher with
194.  the perfect birthday gift for him!

195.  Linus & Lucy... played loud & stong, and with confidence
196.  seeing money in his Dad's birthday card, he exclaimed- you're rich!
197.  and what happened next... with his arm around his son he replied... yes.  Yes, I am rich.
198.  and then... Dad. Tomorrow. Me. You. Game-Stop!
199.  making someone happy, just by taking a few pictures.
200.  writing it down... at last.


Anonymous said...

I love you, dear, beautiful friend.

(in a totally non-creepy way). :)

Sharon @ Hiking Toward Home said...

195 :-)
and the sand around your feet
200. I am struggling to just do that now a days.
Love reading your list, Dawn.

Richella Parham said...

This post made me cry. Just so you know.

Love you, girl!

Busy Bee Suz said...

So glad you had THAT time...all to yourself. You are so special....
loving your list.

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