May 18, 2011

in the midst of may

Yes, it is a little blurry... but his fingers were flying throough Linus & Lucy.
Her concert, his recital, and now his concert.  All behind us.  Memories, instead of items on the to-do list.  They seem more beautiful that way.  May is quickly sliding away.  A breath of cool March air zips by, which is a complete and utter gift, and I feel a sense of accomplishment... even though I have done nothing but make it half-way through the frenzy that this month always delivers.  But making it half-way through without feeling trampled and weary is good, and to have something left to pull us through the rest is quite a bit better.  There is so much to squeeze into this last month of school... so much that it always seems to leave a winding-up feeling rather than a winding down...

I am looking forward to summer.  In my mind's eye I picture it bright and dappled in sunlight... full of chatter and laughter, all memories in the making.  Part of me wants to rush ahead to it... but the sense in me stands firm and offers encouragement to enjoy each day as it comes.  There is still much joy to be found in May.  So much.


Kat said...

Something new to find out about me...I love Peanuts and everthing Snoopy...including the music. I love the music Linus & Lucy!! :)

So glad to find my way back to you here again :)

Anonymous said...

Our May is so busy too, but June isn't really looking to slow down either . . . and July is filling up. :) Maybe I'm crazy but I really think things aren't going to slow down till school STARTS in the fall . . . homeschooling lets us take things a little more slowly. I guess we'll see. Crazy is normal when you have kids, right? :)

Heathahlee said...

With the past year that we've had we're still in the throes of math and English, and will be until well into June it looks like. And that's if I'm diligent. Kiddo will only have a month off of school before it starts back in August. I should say, WE will only have a month off of school. Sigh...what a year. So, my point in all this is to say that to be past the middle of May is unreal to me. Kiddo's piano recital is this Friday and it seems like we were just getting started with piano just last month.

Hope your summer is filled with happy memories!

Gabe said...

What a great attitude. . .glad you arent feeling used up yet!

Looking forward to summer, too!

Craig said...

It's not quite yet the end of school – in your mind is already racing to meet summer, and what you can do with your children. I have met, in person, and through blogs, ever since I've been blogging in this community, so many amazing mothers. It's clear that you are one of them. God bless and keep you and your hubs and your piano players.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Linus and Lucy?? I love that!!
Summer is around the corner and it will be a good one!!

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