May 02, 2011

even if they fade...

I wondered if the first one was real... but looking to my friend, she said that she too saw it out of the corner of her eye.  The second one?  There was no doubt.  The bright light sailed through the darkness, and continued to glow soft yellow, for just a bit, while its path lay suspended across the sky.  My legs skipped in place, and my voice might have squealed.  Two shooting stars, on a morning when it was oh-so-hard to drag myself from sleep.  Our eyes sought the sky, wondering if there might be one more... and then decided that perhaps even the seeking might be far too greedy. But I add them to my list of gifts... each deserving its own spot.

156. spotting a shooting star on a dark morning walk
157. and then a second one... I love how it lingered.
158. a beautiful weekend... full of so much.
159. feeling confident about the decision to take him out of inclusion
160. having the opportunity to be at his last scholar bowl tournament of middle school.
161. a clean house... and having the time to do it.
162. and extra hour in my Wednesday night.
163. choir friendships that continue to grow
164. tissue paper flowers
165. filling picture frames with faces I love...
166. a lunch date with my husband
167. a friend who offers to stay and clean up
168. having time to really visit with my sister-in-law
169. little girl in a pink tutu
170. the joy filled face of a bride, her dreams coming true.
171. admiring angels and telling the story... again
172. dancing {working} in the kitchen with my mom
173. having enough food
174. my skirt re-do working out just the way I planned
175. savoring the day, just a little more, before I share...


Richella Parham said...

Oh, Dawn. . . I wish I could take an early-morning walk with you, see shooting stars with you. I imagine, somehow, that stars shoot from your eyes--or is that the sun beams from your eyes? No, I know that it's the Son that beams from your eyes.

Love you, friend!

Unknown said...

loving your list tonight!!!

Southern Gal said...

Shooting stars...ah.
#165 makes me smile.

Mamasita said...

Your blog is so good for my soul.
Bless you dear friend! Loving your list!

Michelle DeRusha said...

Love your list...LOVE LOVE your shoes! ;)

Busy Bee Suz said...

That is amazing.
Loving your list; always thankful to see what makes your day.

Heathahlee said...

I saw a shooting star exactly one month before your post was written. And I wanted to dance like a four year old. It made me so happy.

And I gasped when I saw those shoes. Honey, WHERE did you get them? HOW CUTE!

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