April 26, 2011

{virtual coffee} 15

Still dark and quiet... and the coffee is hot, warming me from the inside out. 
If I were more motivated I'd be out walking... but I can't seem to find my get-up-and-go unless I know my walking buddy is waiting at the end of the street, and she is off to a job fair this morning (good luck, Jane!)  So I am enjoying this extra bit of time... and thinking about the weekend.  The one that passed, and the one that is to come.  I'm sure that if we were meeting for coffee in real life, the talk would be all about the one that passed... comparing Easter stories and traditions

It was a beautiful day. 
Up early and readying for church... new clothes for some, old stand-bys for others... and of course, the old-turned new with a couple of packets of lime green dye.  I was thankful for the extra time that the morning had somehow gathered up, and we took the time for pictures... some with baskets that had yet to be explored.

Easter service, the last one we will celebrate in the school cafeteria with a bull dog looking down at us {our building should be ready in one month!}, was glorious.  Songs sung loud and strong.. alleluias abounding.  Trumpet fanfare, lilies white... and as Communion was served, it felt like the first.

I leaned in to listen as Pastor put his hand on Camden's shoulder and blessed him... his bright smile filled with joy for this day, and for the one that comes next Sunday... when Cam will partake in Communion with body and blood for the very first time.  After two years of Confirmation classes, and a lifetime of knowing Jesus, Cam will make his Confirmation.  I'm already feeling the butterflies inside... the happy tears starting to form.  If we were really meeting for coffee today... I'm sure I would invite you to join us.  I keep doing that... as people come up to me and tell me how kind Cam is or how he jumped in and helped... again.  I think I have always known... that this boy of mine is someone special, and not just to me or our family.  There is just something about him that shines like the sun...

I hope that your Easter was beautiful,. full of Christ... and time with family and friends-who-have-become-family.  We sat around the table for hours and when someone glanced at their watch and reported the time, I was so sad to have the leaving begin.  But life happens on Monday.  I'm not sure what else is happening this week, and am starting to feel like I might be missing something!  Time to pull out the the calendar and check... but at least I did not miss you.  Happy Tuesday, happy coffee!


Anonymous said...

Yay for beautiful Easters, and for children growing in faith. And yay for coffee with a friend. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

Coffee with you is always wonderful....and too short at the same time.
Glad your Easter was beautiful!
Love those photos; cute kiddos and yummy goodies.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely Easter. Enjoy your coming weekend as well - sounds like a very special time for your family.

Jen said...

With great teachers how could your kids be anything less.
Another great post Dawn.

Mamasita said...

I miss you!!!! :-) Just getting caught up on my blogging... I have been away for my grandpa's funeral and it's good to be back.
Lots of love to you,

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