April 19, 2011

{virtual coffee} 14

Tuesday... virtual coffee with Amy & friends.
Yes, I'm trying to jump back into my routine, hoping to find the laughter in my voice.
After a couple of cups of tea to soothe my throat... I'm moving onto a gingerbread latte, made by me.  Sweet and spicy, and hitting the spot.  Also, I'm hoping the coffee might help me move past only 3 hours of sleep (thank you, prednizone.)

like my little coffee cozy? corinne is knitting up a storm!

If we were really meeting for coffee today, I might blurt out my my list of upcoming events. To share... but also saying them out loud helps to remember them, having not found the motivation to write that to-do list.  Tomorrow is Cam's high school orientation.  Yes, Cam.  My baby.  He's going to high school.  He is also being confirmed on May 1st.  We are very excited (about both, really!) and while I miss his little boy-ness, I sure love the young man he is becoming, growing every day.  Also on the unwritten list of events?  Easter.  I have a feeling I should probably begin to prepare for that.  My heart is getting there... but I having a hard time getting excited about baskets and eggs. 

I am hoping that I might get around to a little more cleaning and straightening today.  I keep looking at the pile of boxes in my entry way and wishing them away. I need to find a place for two of them... a box of bibles and a communion ware set  that was sent to us and our church from the youth gathering we attended last summer.  Hopefully I only need to find a place for them for two months- our beautiful church building should be open in June!!!  And the other boxes?  A Yankee Candle fundraiser... somehow we got the stuff but not the order form, and so I am just about clueless as far as who ordered what.  I finally figured out what I ordered... but ten boxes remain.

I hope your Tuesday is lovely and comes with a good bit of motivation... and quite possibly, a heap of laughter!


Gabe said...

We did the High School schedule a few months ago and we got a jr high graduation invitation last week. . .oh, my mommy heart just can't even wrap itself around the fact that he is starting HS in the fall...really, where did the time go?

Love that cozy!

Claire said...

nice to catch up over coffee :)
we've had a house of teenage girls overnight - my daughter had a sleepover - so no.1 son escaped to a friend's...
wishing you all a lovely easter weekend x

Mamasita said...

I have missed you!!! :-)
Your coffee looks wonderful - especially with the little "cup coozy!"
Blessings to you my dear!
Happy Easter week,

Busy Bee Suz said...

I wish I could help you with those boxes...surely each time you look at them, they must weigh on your shoulders.
Cam; oh, that young man. HE is a keeper. Someone told me before that Boys never leave their Mama. I have a feeling he will always be around....
Your coffee cozy is adorable. I hope you feel better!!! (I am the only one in my house who is NOT sick. yet)

Unknown said...

I love that coffee cozy! It's adorable.

This Friday (Earth Day) Starbuck's is giving away free coffee if you bring your own sippy cup.

Happy Easter and Kudos to that young man on his Confirmation.

Mamasita said...

Head on over to my blog - I presented YOU with an AWARD my dear friend!!!!
Happy Easter sweet Dawn!

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